Boost your credibility to the max!

As an official Rating All Star, you have the option to raise your profile and build even more trust by adding 'All Star Creds' to your profile page

Here's just a few examples


Business Essentials

To qualify for this All Star Cred you'll need to verify your business address, hold relevant insurance and have a distinctive brand identity, with your own website


Customer Excellence

Do you provide the best customer experience through the entire service lifecycle? Invite customers to fill our experience survey to find out!

Do you provide the best customer experience throughout the entire service lifecycle and keep your team up to speed with the latest training?



How do you stay on top of the game? Do you keep your team up to speed with the latest training. Show us the certificates to earn this All Star Cred


Online Reputation

Online Reputation

How does your business perform in the online and social media space? Are you engaging with your customer's across a range of online media?



Winning awards demonstrates you're always striving to go the extra mile. Have you been shortlisted for, or won an award within the last year?