Despite all the disruption caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, we were delighted to discover that Rudhair are about to open their second salon in Dunmow!

So, to celebrate their success and wish them all the best on this exciting new phase, we decided to run short feature by asking Brand of The Week winner, Stephen Ruddock a few questions about Rudhair and the motivations that keep his dream alive

What do you think of the phrase 'teamwork makes the dream work'?

To me this saying is as powerful as gravity. My team are everything to me, they motivate me and keep me driven, especially at a time like this. 


Success is a wonderful thing but it's nothing without having a great team to share it with.

…Rudhair has exceeded every dream

I had


What are your hairdressing goals?

As cheesy as this sounds Rudhair has exceeded every dream I had. We now have two locations in Sawbridgeworth and Dunmow, with 27 work stations across our beautifully quirky, creative salons.

I have two teams which I both respect and adore. I don't like to use the word content, because I think that can sometimes lead to being complacent however I'm close as I'll ever get to that.

Saying that, I'm still as hungry to drive the brand's quality and reputation as I was in day one.


How long have you been in the industry and when did you open your first salon?

I started 16 years ago at a great barber shop in Sawbrideworth


It's still some of my fondest memories of my teenage years. 12 years later in 2016, Rudhair was born, across the road from my first ever job.


I can remember looking out the window of the barber shop at my salon thinking it all looked very exciting.


It looks like you're going from strength to strength. How do you stay on top of your game? 

Honestly I think someone's strongest ability is to be able to analyse themselves, be it for achievements or mistakes.


I've made tons of business mistakes but I've always brushed myself down and learnt from them. As easy as it is to blame the world for your problems, it really doesn't solve anything.


Mistake, analyse, learn then repeat.

…making customers feel like they are welcome and not judged

Mistake, analyse, learn then repeat 


What's the number one trait you'd like customers to remember Rudhair for and why?

There are so many that I would love to say and as I write I'm prioritising them in my head.

As much as I believe customers would choose 'high quality' - so much it keeps me awake at night, wondering how we can evolve as a business - I would honestly say they love the fact that my team is warm, friendly and welcoming.  

People can sometimes feel vulnerable coming into a salon, so making them feel welcome and not judged, is key to what we do and why our retention rate is so high.


How has being Brand of The Week affected your business?

We have done well in several industry awards, such as being a finalist for Best Salon in Hertfordshire, winner of MySalonManagers, most improved Salon of The Year 2019 and a rocking 5 Star Good Salon Guide rating. 

But what I loved about Brand of The Week was that it was directly linked to our clients. The fact they took the time to vote for us and chose five reasons why they love Rudhair was also very motivating for myself and my team. 

The whole thing just felt very special and our clients were thrilled when we won!! People love to see people succeed and be a part of their journey, as our clients are with us.


It just proves how amazingly supportive Rudhair clients are and why we love them so much!

"…they took time out to vote and chose five reasons why they love Rudhair"

About Rudhair

Rudhair was established in 2016 by Stephen Ruddock – aka Mr Rudhair


The Sawbridgeworth salon quickly became one of the leading hairdressers in Hertfordshire and Essex


Our talented team of stylists and colourists are all motivated by one thing: making our customers look good. We’re striving for that ‘wow’ moment the first time you see your new style, when you lift up your head because you’re rocking your unique new look.


Our relaxed and friendly salon is quirky, fun and fresh. From Benedict, our suited and gold-framed bull terrier, to the Kerasilk hair perfumes we offer – choose from Magnolia and Jasmin or oriental notes – we’ve created an environment designed to make you smile.


We’re good listeners at Rudhair, and we understand the key to looking and feeling good is to be yourself. Whether your look is quirky or cool, polished or glamourous, or understated and classy, we can quickly help you identify your unique hair DNA.



No. Four, The Square
Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
CM21 9AE

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